A Guide to Dissolvable Labels – Organizing The Kitchen & Reducing Waste

A Guide to Dissolvable Labels – Organizing The Kitchen & Reducing Waste

A Guide to Dissolvable Labels – Organizing The Kitchen & Reducing Waste 150 150 MESS BRANDS


It’s going to be January soon and I know the first thing that I always think of is the new year is organizing myself and my life so that I can get the new year started off right. Learn more with our organization post. It’s always a great feeling when everything is in it’s place. I am definitely one to “nerd out” on organization. One way to organize that we love is to label things in our kitchen correctly. We’re not going to be talking about pantry or spice bottle labeling, but instead about meal prep, food prep, food labeling, and canning using dissolvable labels. Dissolvable Food Labels? Whaaat? Read on to find out more!

What is a Dissolvable Label?

Dissolvable labels are completely removable and melt quickly

Dissolvable labels are a type of label that will disappear in a short period of time because they dissolve quickly in water. They look and feel just like any kind of normal label – except for one special property — they are totally water-soluble. Pretty cool, right?

It’s made of paper and adhesive that melt like “cotton candy” in any temperature water. These labels are more sensitive to the air, humidity, and sunlight, so it is good to keep them in a dry, dark place. Most dissolvable labels maintain their full adhesion and strength for about 6-8 months, after which they start to lose their stickiness. They still work good, but may not be as sticky.

Dissolvable labels are mainly used for identifying stored food to show if it is expired or not. As discussed, this type of label is very sensitive to water, so be careful to have dry fingers when correctly placing these labels for food containers.

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Benefits of Dissolvable Labels

Dissolvable labels are perfect for meal prep, food prep, and more

Dissolvable food kitchen labels can be used as a handy way to label perishable food items that are set to expire. Washing off the container label with soap and water will dissolve the adhesive, leaving behind a clean surface. Honestly, one of the best parts about these labels are the clean up. There simply isn’t any needed elbow grease or scrubbing. The labels come off quickly (and are often called removable labels) and easily under any temperature water and won’t have any sticky residue or gunk.

If you’re labeling your meal prep containers, or your canning jars, you know how difficult it can be to clean the containers when finished. Check out our meal prep post! We’ve all had those situations with masking tape or extremely sticky labels that simply won’t come off and ruin your containers. Yuck! Preserving the life of your containers has never been easier. You can also stick them in the dishwasher and they’ll come out clean like magic.

Labels that dissolve in water are a new phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular for many reasons. They’re not only convenient, they’re also environmentally friendly (less junk in the landfill, anyone?)

5 Ways to Use Dissolvable Labels to Enhance Your Productivity

Get productive with amazing dissolving labels for food containers

  1. Spend less time cleaning – Everyone knows cleaning up is the worst part of cooking. Wouldn’t it be nice if a small bit of it was easier? Now it is – just pop the labeled containers in the dishwasher or leave it in the sink for a short amount of time and it will be gone.
  2. Dissolves in 30 seconds – Dissolvable labels disappear in 30 seconds (or even sooner sometimes).
  3. Environmentally friendly – Paper and non-toxic water soluble adhesive are completely safe for the drain and most sewage systems. Improves sustainability and keeps junk out of the landfill.
  4. Saves your containers – Keep your containers pristine and as nice as the day you bought them. Dissolvable labels leave no residue at all.
  5. Label everything – Label anything you don’t want to ruin with sticky residue. Could be used anywhere the product’s integrity is important. If you have something that you don’t want to ruin, choose a dissolvable label over a regular paper label.
  6. BONUS TIP – These are amazing food storage labels. Organize your home and kitchen so that you know where everything is when you need it. Trying to remember dates and contents all the time is a nightmare. Save your brain and write it down so you can move on to more enjoyable tasks.

Label Printing for Dissolvable Labels – How it Works

Printing custom dissolvable labels to show off your personal brand

So you want to print your own label. Great idea. Dissolvable labels can be used with some printers provided you have the correct one. Laser printers use toner cartridges, while inkjet printers use ink cartridges. Both of these will work with dissolvable labels provided that you have an appropriate template. Remember, to use these types of printers, the removable labels will need to come on an 8.5 × 11” sheet. When considering a Zebra, Dymo or Rollo printer, there are other things to note. This will not work on a direct thermal printer because the ink is actually embedded in the paper. That being said, it will work on a thermal transfer label, as it uses heat and a ribbon to activate.

In summary, printing on dissolvable labels is easy and works great provided you have the appropriate templates & printer. Avoid direct thermal printers as they will not work with dissolvable labels.


How to Reduce Waste in Your Kitchen with Dissolvable Food Labels

Help save the planet by reducing waste

One of the reasons food goes to waste in many homes is because it’s not properly labeled. Here are some simple tips on how to reduce kitchen food waste by using food labels and stickers.

1. Mark perishable items with an expiration date that is less than two weeks away. This will help you avoid wasting food by ensuring that you consume it before it expires or throw it out before any taste changes take place.

2. Label all unopened bottles and jars of homemade condiments, sauces, and salad dressings so you know what they are when they get stored in your cabinet or pantry (instead of guessing). Here’s a cool tip – label your branded condiments and sauces when you open them – then you’ll know when they expire! This is great for your grandparents!

3. It is estimated that around 20% of America’s food goes to waste. And around $640 billion worth of food is thrown away each year. Buy your ingredients in large quantities and label accurately.

4. Reducing food waste with good labeling helps you avoid those late night pizza deliveries or take-out. If you look in the fridge and nothing is labeled you may be more inclined to binge. Generate a good relationship with your food and health by understanding and labeling what is in there!


While there are plenty of ways to organize your home, we all know that it starts in the kitchen. When you’re well fed, healthy, and organized, you can take on any challenge! Organize your kitchen is by labelling things correctly. These food labels for containers are perfect for meal prep, food prep, canning, and food labeling has never been easier with to water-soluble dissolvable labels.

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