Transform Your Home with the Power of Ongoing Organization

Transform Your Home with the Power of Ongoing Organization

Transform Your Home with the Power of Ongoing Organization 2560 1707 MESS BRANDS

Home Organization: If you’re Doing it Right – It’s an Ongoing Process

When it comes to home organization, there’s a common belief that it’s a one-time task. We often think that once we’ve decluttered and organized our spaces, we’re done. But the truth is, organization is an ongoing process that requires regular maintenance and adjustments to keep it effective.

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An organized pantry shelf with various types of cookies, cereal and snacks tidily put in plastic containers.

First, let’s define what we mean by “maintenance.” It’s about regularly assessing our spaces and making adjustments as needed. It’s about being mindful of how we use our spaces and making sure they are functioning well for us. It’s about keeping up with the natural ebb and flow of life. A bit too vague? I agree.

Here are some concrete and actionable tips:

  1. It means that every few weeks, going through each room in your home and looking for items that are no longer needed or used and getting rid of them.
  2. It means that every month, reassessing the layout of your furniture and making changes to make the space more functional and comfortable.
  3. It means that every season, going through your closet and switching out clothes that are no longer appropriate for the current weather.
  4. It means that every year, taking the time to review and organize important documents and paperwork.
  5. It means that being mindful of how you use your time and energy, and making conscious choices ab out what is important to you.
  6. It means that setting boundaries, creating a balance that works for you, and not getting attached to perfection.
  7. It means that regularly checking in with yourself and adjusting your organization systems accordingly.
  8. It means that being flexible and not getting stuck on perfection, but rather focusing on what works for you.

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining organization is the idea that it should be perfect. We often think that once we’ve decluttered and organized our spaces, they should stay that way forever. But the truth is, life happens. Kids grow, we acquire new things, and our needs change. It’s important to be flexible and not to get too attached to perfection.

5 Tips for Ongoing Organizing Success

  1. Daily cleaning and decluttering: Setting aside time each day to tidy up and clear out any clutter that may have accumulated.
  2. Weekly schedule review: Regularly reviewing and adjusting your schedule to ensure that you are using your time and energy efficiently.
  3. Monthly space assessment: Setting aside time each month to assess each room in your home and make any necessary adjustments to keep it functional and effective.
  4. Seasonal wardrobe switch: Going through your closet and switching out seasonal clothing to make sure you are prepared for the changing seasons.
  5. Yearly paperwork and document organization: Reviewing and organizing important documents and paperwork at least once a year. One of my favorites is to see what my bills are and then see if they can be renegotiated, cancelled, or downgraded.

Another misconception about organization is that it’s only about physical objects and space. It’s also about organizing our time and energy and taking control of our mental space. It’s about setting boundaries and creating a balance that works for us. It’s about being mindful of how we use our time and energy and making conscious choices about what is important to us.

I don’t know about you, but when I organize my stuff, and get rid of things, I just feel… lighter.

I recently cleaned out my pantry and it really boosted my mental health. But I digress, let’s stop thinking of organization as a one-time task and start thinking of it as an ongoing process. Regular maintenance and adjustments are key to keeping our spaces functional and effective. And don’t forget, organization is not just about physical objects and space, it’s also about organizing our time, energy, and mental space. Embrace the natural ebb and flow of life and create a balanced and functional home.

Here’s to you, organizer!

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