• EASY DISSOLVE. 100% Water Soluble! Your labels WILL stay stuck on your containers for as long as you want, and then they’ll DISSOLVE EASILY when it’s time to clean the container.
  • CANNING LABELS FOR JARS. These 2″ jar labels fit perfectly on the tops of standard Mason and Glass Jars. They also are able to be stuck on the side!
  • JUST LIKE MAGIC! Water soluble stickers extend the life of your jars and canning supplies. These are much easier to remove than tape and save you time and money.
  • LABEL EVERYTHING. Great on all kinds of storage containers for food prep! Use them in kitchen in your fridge or freezer and as food labels or even pantry labels.

How to Use:

Apply these removable labels to a desired mason jar or container and write your preferred message. Afterwards RINSE under any temperature water to wash the dissolvable food labels.


Amaranth Red, Black, Fuchsia, Gold, Granite, Lime, Mimi Pink, Mint, Mustard, Slate Blue