• Never Throw Out Food Again – Keep your workplace food storage safe and up to code with accurate reporting. You’ll love these brightly colored labels which are quick and easy to identify.
  • Commercial Kitchen Suppliers – Use these prep labels anywhere that FIFO (First In First Out) or food and health safety practices are important. Easily maintain the highest levels of perishable food safety practices and never use expired food again with these kitchen labels.
  • Strong Adhesive – MESS Daydots food labels for containers have an aggressive adhesion that will stay stuck to any surface. Ensure your meal service containers stay labeled as long as you want — remove easily when finished.
  • Trilingual and Color Coded – Featuring English, Spanish, and French wording, MESS Day Dots Food Labels are guaranteed to be understood. They also feature standard restaurant food colors for quick identification.
  • Label anything – Use all 7 day of the week stickers for correctly dated food labels on food containers, pill bottles, meal prep, and more. Work great in the freezer or fridge, and won’t melt in the microwave.

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