• Microfiber
  • THICK AND WARM. Made with high quality microfiber terry cloth, these mittens are guaranteed to maximize heat retention.
  • RE-USABLE. Easily machine wash and re-use after each paraffin wax treatment. Strong fibers won’t break down from use.
  • PROFESSIONAL. These strong and soft mitts make a great addition to any wellness environment. Use them at your home or the spa, or even for physical or massage therapy.
  • WELL-MADE. With handy Velcro and thick warming fibers, these mittens will work much better than wrapping your hands in a towel or using common oven mitts. These gloves are specifically designed for one purpose!
  • THE SPA EXPERIENCE. To achieve best therapeutic results for your skin or arthritis, couple with a paraffin wax and a liner for your hand, and then place your hand inside the glove.
Weight 5.4 oz

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