TO USE: Simply peel at the seam on the back of the sticker and attach to a car window. Press down firmly with your hand over all areas of the sticker. After 15 seconds, the sticker will be extremely difficult to completely remove.

  • IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE. Are people parking in your lot without your permission? Sticking one of these bright fluorescent green stickers on a careless driver’s window or windshield will send a strong message.
  • STICK AND PRESS DOWN FIRMLY. After 15 seconds the labels will be difficult to remove in one peel. These stickers are designed to rip away in small chunks with significant effort and be extremely annoying to violators. If you’re tired of bad parkers, these huge 5″ x 8″ these warning labels will get someone’s attention and show that you mean business.
  • HIGH QUALITY. Made of powerful materials from the USA, these tags are easy to write on and will not smear in the rain or snow. Stickers left on for a short amount of time will require a scraping tool to remove.
  • STOP TRESPASSERS. These stickers are annoying for careless abusers and sweet justice for you. After having to remove one of these powerful stickers, a violator will be significantly less likely to park in your private area.
  • SEND THE MESSAGE YOU WANT. For less aggressive enforcement, leave the liner on and place under the parking violator’s windshield wiper. Stop someone from parking in your designated spot.
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