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Stays Stuck On

Enjoy a hassle-free labeling experience with MESS Erasable labels. No more worries about labels falling off your containers or leaving behind residue, our labels stay put until you want, saving you the time and effort of cleaning.

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The End of Food Waste

Be certain of what’s inside and how old it is. These food container labels work great for lunch or leftovers. Easily know what day of the week your food was stored.

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Easy as Pie

Simply write-on your message with a permanent marker. When finished with the contents of the container, erase with any eraser. Wipe clean and re-use. Even use as labels for bottles.

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No Need To Label Again and Again

Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer Safe – 100% Waterproof. Wash repeatedly in the dishwasher (top rack) and re-use. The perfect organizing labels your kitchen or pantry.

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Your erasable and removable blank stickers work great for labeling meal prep containers, canning labels, mason jar labels, or organization in the fridge. Way better than freezer tape! Eraser and Marker not included.

Dissolvable Freezer Labels (2)

Help the Environment

Accurate labeling helps keep old fridge food, drinks, and containers out of the landfill. These kitchen labels for containers also keep harmful cleaners out of the drain!