Can you print on MESS Dissolvable Labels?

Can you print on MESS Dissolvable Labels?

Can you print on MESS Dissolvable Labels? 2560 1707 MESS BRANDS

Here’s a common question we get often. Are you able to print on MESS dissolvable labels? The short answer is yes! (The long answer is also yes with a “but”). Unfortunately, most people don’t have the type of printer that can be used with these labels. There are three main types of printers. Inkjet/laser, direct thermal, and thermal transfer. Our labels will work with thermal transfer printers. They will not work (at this time) with direct thermal or inkjet/laser printers.

Thermal transfer: These are printers that can basically print on anything. They’re usually more expensive ($300+) and come with a ribbon that helps facilitate the printing process. MESS labels can be printed on using a thermal transfer printer, no problem.

Direct thermal: These printers use a special type of paper that is chemically treated and heat sensitive and blackens when it is passes under the printhead. For a label to be usable in a direct thermal printer, it must be made of this type of paper. Unfortunately, MESS dissolvable labels are not this type of paper. But fear not, there are dissolvable direct thermal paper options available, for example, check out Smart Solve. We hope to bring this product to you in the future.

Inkjet/laser. These are the most common types of printers. Probably there is one of these in almost every home in America. Unfortunately, these types of printers are usually used with sheets of paper (think 8×11”) and not rolls of labels.

The long and short? Our labels can be used in printers. Unfortunately, the printer that is needed is expensive and uncommon. Down the road, we hope to offer solutions for all three printing options, but at this time MESS labels only work in thermal transfer printers.

Questions? Let us know. Happy labeling!


Max @ MESS

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